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Rory McIvor

Investment Communications Specialist
Joined Ruffer in 2017 after graduating from the University of Edinburgh with a first class honours degree in history and politics. After four years in the private client investment team, he now leads Ruffer’s investment communications. He is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.
Articles by Rory
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Ruffer Radio: From the Chairman
July 2023: In this quarter’s episode of Ruffer Radio, Chairman Jonathan Ruffer shares his perspectives on the evolution of Ruffer’s all-weather investment approach since founding the firm in 1994. Jonathan reflects on the genesis of the firm, making mistakes, the character traits that shape his investment style, and the challenges and opportunities facing investors today. And crucially, how these are reflected in the Ruffer portfolio.
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Ruffer Radio: Early and ready
July 2023: Investment Director Steve Russell reviews the downtrend in performance this year in the context of a global equity market rally. Steve explains why we retain high conviction in a strongly defensive position in portfolios despite investor sentiment having turned more positive. He also discusses the assets we expect to generate returns in worsening financial conditions.
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Ruffer Radio: Something always breaks
April 2023: After a strong start to the year, markets were destabilised by a shift in liquidity dynamics in March. Central banks now face a reckoning. Their choice is simple – inflation stability or financial stability – but it isn’t easy. Investment Director Jos North joins Rory McIvor to discuss how recent developments fit into Ruffer’s investment thinking and what is needed to protect investors’ capital at this critical juncture in markets.
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Ruffer Radio: Led by the Fed
January 2023: Of the many storylines to unfold in 2022, only one really mattered to investors – rising interest rates and falling asset prices. The chief protagonist in this tale – the Federal Reserve - conducted one of the fastest and steepest rate hiking cycles in financial history. But how much further do they need to go? Investment Manager, Fiona Ker discusses the unenviable choices facing central bankers and explains why monetary policy will continue to dominate the narrative in the next chapter in markets.
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Ruffer round up – Q3 2022
October 2022: Investment Manager Jasmine Yeo joins Rory McIvor to review a quarter of dizzying market activity. They discuss the volatility of UK gilts over recent weeks, consider the potential for a liquidation event in asset markets and provide an update on how the portfolio is positioned.
The Barber Boom
The story of an economic gear shift which sent post-war Britain careering around country lanes, before skidding on an oil slick and being sent ditchward. There it was left, engine smoking, entangled in the brambles of inflation. It wasn’t until 1980 that road-side recovery eventually arrived in the shape of Paul Volcker and his inflation curbing toolkit.
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Ruffer round up – Q2 2022
July 2022: Investment Director Duncan MacInnes joins Rory McIvor for a review of the quarter, discussing the scale of wealth destruction across markets and how they see this rippling out into real world behaviour, and looking forward to what could be on the horizon and what that means for investors.
A grand plan for the land
After almost four decades working in financial markets, Harry Buscall retired from Ruffer in 2020 to embark on a new adventure with his son Dominic at his family farm, Ken Hill in Norfolk. Using a combination of rewilding, regenerative farming and traditional conservation practices, the team at Ken Hill have devised an innovative approach to sustainable land management. Rory McIvor caught up with Harry, to find out more about his approach to the UK’s land use conundrum.
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Ruffer Radio: Winning by not losing – protection strategies
June 2022: Avoiding major drawdowns in markets is key to outperforming over the long-term. It may sound obvious, but in a world of near universal asset vulnerability, it has seldom been more important to stand resolute against falling markets. In this episode, Lauren French and Andrew van Biljon discuss Ruffer's approach to protecting against tail risks in the market and they lift the lid on some of the more creative strategies in the portfolio today.
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Ruffer round up – Q1 2022
April 2022: We reflect on the events that have dominated markets over the past three months - including the major developments we’re all talking about. We also discuss one or two aspects which have received less attention, but may well be crucial for investors in the months ahead.