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Alexander Chartres

Fund Manager
Joined Ruffer in 2010 after graduating from Newcastle University with a first class honours degree in history and politics. In 2012, he became a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. He specialises in geopolitics and is co-manager of two of Ruffer‘s flagship funds.
Articles by Alexander
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Reality cheques
We explore the intersection of natural risk with geopolitics and financial markets. Natural risk comes in many guises, from pandemic at the acute end of the spectrum to long-term challenges from a changing climate at the other. All matter for investors.
Hemispheres of Influence
An epic bull market in magical thinking has dominated the world in recent years. Now, real world tectonic shifts are driving us into a more inflation-prone and volatile regime. But it’s our divided brains and their relationship with technology which may hold the key to navigating the risks and opportunities of this new era.
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Crossing the Rubicon
Investors face one of the most complex market environments in history. Simultaneous shifts in the global energy system, geopolitics, demography, technology and much else besides promise a more inflation-prone and volatile world ahead. This brings with it elevated risks, but also potential rewards. Amidst all the uncertainty, this presentation will examine what investors can have conviction about.
The gathering storm
China’s bid for global power, climate change and the transition away from fossil fuels are three of the defining megatrends of our time. Collectively, they promise generational upheaval. But decades of peace and stability have left markets, politics, economies and societies complacent and vulnerable. It’s going to get bumpy.
The Great Acceleration
The coronavirus crisis has accelerated pre-existing tectonic shifts that are changing world order. Four interlinked areas deserve the attention of long-term investors: greater geopolitical instability; the digital revolution; domestic political changes in the advanced economies; and the rise of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations.
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March 2021: From the green economy to the new Cold War, cyber Pearl Harbors to a reimagining of inflation and money itself – technological change has radical consequences for investors. We look at the key challenges and opportunities in the age of transformation.
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Ruffer Radio: Election 2020
October 2020: All elections are equal. But some elections are more equal than others. In the latest episode of Ruffer Radio, Dr Tim Smith and Alexander Chartres discuss the 2020 race to the White House and explore why this election, in the context of a broader shift in world order, may well be the most important for a generation.
Scrabbling around for income
July 2020: Coronavirus shutdowns have triggered the worst recession since the Great Depression. Like a depth charge dropped against a submarine, we’ve felt the shockwave but have yet to see how much debris floats to the surface. Ratings agencies suggest the damage is serious and that default rates will soar.
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Ruffer Radio: Cold War II
July 2020: Alexander Chartres, Investment Director and resident geopolitics specialist, explores the shifting sands of world order. He discusses the deteriorating relationship between the US and China and considers the implications of a new world disorder – on companies, portfolios and our everyday lives.
Covid-19 and the dawn of a new market era
April 2020: The era of monetary dominance is over. Helicopter money signals investment regime changes ahead.