Seeking sustainable returns

For the long haul

At Ruffer, we are committed to being good stewards of our clients’ assets.

To that end, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are fully integrated into our investment process.

Whether it’s climate change or indigenous rights, executive pay or workforce safety, we believe our considered approach helps us make better decisions.

To the advantage of our clients’ portfolios. To the benefit of the companies we invest in. And for the good of the environment and society.

When assessing a company’s leadership team, we see their handling of ESG issues as an indicator of management quality.
Franziska Jahn-Madell, Director, Responsible Investment
At a glance
Rated A+, A and A in 2019 by the Principles for Responsible Investment
Dedicated Responsible Investment team, with ESG champions across the firm
30+ bespoke ethical policies for clients
40+ different ethical criteria
Voted at 282 company meetings in 2019, including voting against management on 155 resolutions
Managing portfolios with ethical restrictions since 2006
how we do it
Integration ESG risks and opportunities are considered throughout our investment process


Directly engaging with companies is a key part of our investment process


Equity investing comes with rights and responsibilities – we take this seriously


Ruffer portfolios can be tailored to exclude investment in specific sectors – such as armaments, gambling and tobacco – and other criteria through bespoke ethical investment policies
Should investors engage with fossil fuel companies about climate change? Or stop investing entirely?
Alexia Palacios, Analyst, Responsible Investment

We publish our stewardship activities on a quarterly basis, giving more details about the engagements we have undertaken and how we have voted at company meetings.

Alexia Palacios
Analyst, Responsible Investment
Joined Ruffer in 2014 after graduating from the University of Cambridge with first class honours in land economy. Having gained experience in responsible investment while working with Ruffer’s charity team, she has specialised in this area since 2018. She has completed the PRI Academy Responsible Investment Essentials and Enhanced Financial Analysis courses and is a CFA charterholder.
Franziska Jahn–Madell
Director, Responsible Investment
Joined Ruffer in 2014 after working for ten years at EIRIS, a research provider for environmental, social and governance performance, in several positions. Her last role as a Principal Research Analyst at EIRIS mainly focussed on Corporate Governance issues and criteria development. From 1999–2003 she worked at the Moral Theology department at Frankfurt University for the Business Ethics Chair. In 2003 she graduated from Frankfurt University with a MA (distinction) in Theology and a MA (distinction) in Literature.
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