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Ruffer provides investment management services for institutions, pension funds, charities, financial planners and individual investors.
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Jasmine Yeo

Fund Manager
Joined Ruffer in 2017, having graduated with a degree from Warwick Business School. She is a member of the CISI, following completion of the CISI Masters in Wealth Management. She has managed private client portfolios and now works with wealth managers and advisors as part of Ruffer’s UK wholesale team. She is co-manager of two of Ruffer’s flagship funds and Ruffer’s investment trust.
Articles by Jasmine
A golden ticket?
January 2024: 2022 revealed the importance of asset correlations for investors trying to build resilient portfolios. When both equities and bonds fell together there were few places to hide. But as markets cheered falling inflation last year, that crucial lesson has become all too easily forgotten. This month’s Green Line looks at why inflation volatility matters most in this new investment regime and suggests investors may just have been offered a golden ticket out of trouble.
A starter for yen
September 2023: The Bank of Japan has been marching to a different beat to other central banks. While the Federal Reserve, ECB and Bank of England hurried to ramp up rates in a battle against inflation, a deflationary mist lingered over Japan. Until now…
The great wealth illusion
Harry Houdini was a master of deception who traded on the illusion of immortality – until his death in 1926. Today, financial markets are just as beguiled by the power of illusions. And there is one investors should pay particular attention to – the bezzle.
A Hemingway moment for markets?
March 2023: As the sun now sets on 2023’s first earnings season, we fear equity markets are heading for a Hemingway moment. Jasmine Yeo explores why in our latest Green Line.
An opportunity at our fingerTIPS
November 2022: Investors are facing a pernicious combination of volatile inflation and an impending recession. After the widespread sell-off across asset classes this year, Jasmine Yeo asks if there may now be an opportunity to take a calculated risk.
Naming and taming the bear
What can history teach us about investing in bear markets? Jos North and Jasmine Yeo examine the strategies which have prevailed in previous drawdowns and ask what might work this time around. They discuss how the portfolio is positioned for a shift in the landscape of financial market risk.
Ruffer round up Q3 22
October 2022: Investment Manager Jasmine Yeo joins Rory McIvor to review a quarter of dizzying market activity. They discuss the volatility of UK gilts over recent weeks, consider the potential for a liquidation event in asset markets and provide a portfolio update.
Bonds behaving badly
April 2022: Traditional balanced portfolios rely on equities and bonds fulfilling their roles – equities for good times, bonds to cushion the bad. But after a torrid three months for markets, investors are being forced to tear up the rulebook.