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All-weather investing
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Ian Rees

Fund Manager
Joined Ruffer in 2012, after graduating from the University of Bath with an honours degree in economics. He is a CFA charterholder and co-manager of three of Ruffer’s flagship funds.
Articles by Ian
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So you want stock TIPS?
November 2023: After a bond market rout commensurate with the steepest and fastest rate hiking cycle in a generation, is there now a case for adding fixed income into portfolios? Perhaps - there might even be two. In this month’s green line, Fund Manager Duncan MacInnes looks at the cyclical and structural cases for inflation-linked bonds.
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It's a very, very mad world
October 2023: Some extraordinary dynamics have emerged in markets in 2023. None more startling than the breakdown of the typical relationship between bond yields and equity valuations – especially mega-cap tech stocks. So far, it’s been bond investors who have endured the pain of rising real yields. But is an equity market repricing – reflective of stickier inflation and ‘higher for longer’ rates – the shoe that’s yet to drop?
Responsible Investment Report
We outline some of the difficulties of engaging when it comes to commodity investments and explain our efforts to find ways around them. This quarter's engagements in focus are with BAT, ArcelorMittal and Perseus Mining.
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Ruffer Radio: From the Chairman
October 2023: In this quarter’s episode of Ruffer Radio, Chairman Jonathan Ruffer shares his perspectives on the evolution of Ruffer’s all-weather investment approach since founding the firm in 1994. Jonathan reflects on the genesis of the firm, making mistakes, the character traits that shape his investment style, and the challenges and opportunities facing investors today. And crucially, how these are reflected in the Ruffer portfolio.
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Investment Review
October 2023: With our cautious positioning proving costly so far this year, Jonathan Ruffer considers why some offsetting assets have not performed as expected. He also explains why we remain confident that our portfolio is well positioned for the current tricky market environment.
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A starter for yen
September 2023: The Bank of Japan has been marching to a different beat to other central banks. While the Federal Reserve, ECB and Bank of England hurried to ramp up rates in a battle against inflation, a deflationary mist lingered over Japan. Until now…
Happy, clever people
Advanced economies face low and falling productivity. To solve this problem, companies need to innovate, and many have turned to technological solutions. But the best companies understand that an engaged, creative and knowledgeable workforce is the key.
Book review – The outsiders
Most CEOs focus on managing operations and neglect capital allocation. This is a mistake, argues Will Thorndike, in a book featuring eight outsider CEOs whose unorthodox pursuit of quality capital allocation has driven strong long-term returns for shareholders.
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Inflation volatility demands investors think differently
The asset management industry has operated in a disinflationary world for 40 years – a world where capital takes the spoils. If labour is to become more dominant, what does that mean for asset allocation? Investment Manager Fiona Ker discusses inflation volatility with the Portfolio Construction Forum.
Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
Our third annual TCFD Report looks at Ruffer’s alignment with the TCFD recommendations, covering governance, strategy, risk and targets.