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Ruffer provides investment management services for institutions, pension funds, charities, financial planners and individual investors.
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Harry Sevier

Director – Private Wealth
Joined Ruffer in 2008 after graduating with an MA Honours from the University of Edinburgh. He is a member of the CISI, having been awarded the CISI Diploma and receiving an Outstanding Achievement Award for Investment Analysis. He manages investment portfolios for individuals and charities and is an ESG specialist.
Articles by Harry
Mission possible
The extraordinary population growth over the past century has relied upon, and been enabled by, the birth of vast industrial farming systems. Food, on aggregate, is plentiful. Yet today, the dual issues of food security and sustainability loom as large as they have done in the post-industrial era. These megatrends present sources of both investment risk and opportunity.
Responsible Investment Report
In this quarter’s thought piece, Responsible Investment Manager Peter Lunt and Investment Director Harry Sevier explore the challenges involved with feeding a growing global population. They look at the risks and opportunities in the future of food security, and how these are reflected in Ruffer portfolios. We also include the usual update on our stewardship activities throughout the quarter.
Villains to heroes
Banks are rarely the first port of call in a responsible investor’s portfolio. The preference has been to allocate capital to companies directly involved in climate risk mitigation – electric vehicle manufacturers or renewable technology businesses. But financial services have a pivotal part to play in the transition to Net Zero and investor engagement is critical in determining how banks stand up to the climate challenge.
Responsible Investment Report
In our latest quarterly report, Investment Director Harry Sevier looks at the crucial role banks can play in facilitating the transition to Net Zero. We also include the usual update on our stewardship activities throughout the quarter.