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Come rain or shine.

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Ruffer serves individuals and families, institutions, charities and financial planners, in the UK and internationally.
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We manage a range of core funds, and an investment trust. They all follow the same Ruffer investment approach.
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The battle to keep clients safe is not won – alas, it is never won. But the first onslaught of a bear market has been successfully navigated.
Jonathan Ruffer, Chairman
For investors, natural capital is no longer purely an environmental concern. It is also a financial one, that should not be ignored.
Alexia Palacios, Analyst, Responsible Investment
I remember my father reporting a note with 11 zeros was worth roughly one cabbage.
Luka Gakic, Investment Director, on hyperinflation
If you get money, hang on to it or safely invest. That line about a fool and his money are soon parted is true.
Annie Nightingale, BBC Radio 1’s longest-serving DJ, Interviewed in The Daily Telegraph
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