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Ruffer provides investment management services for institutions, pension funds, charities, financial planners and individual investors.
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Market views

The dangers of dancing
In the March edition of Duncan MacInnes' Citywire column, he discusses how Investors are being lured back onto the dance floor by the siren song of Fomo, just when the music could be about to stop.
The case for cash
Holding cash is not usually considered a courageous move by active investors. But here, Duncan MacInnes suggests that at times, a high cash allocation is in fact an act of bravery. And now, more than ever, breaking convention may be crucial for investors.
Cash is trash, or is it?
In the October edition of Duncan MacInnes' Citywire column, he explains why Ruffer is sitting on the highest cash weighting in its history.
What if?
Our approach to building portfolios favours being roughly right, as opposed to precisely wrong. The portfolio is designed to preserve capital across a range of economic and market outcomes. But naturally, we consider some outcomes more likely than others. At this critical juncture in markets, Duncan MacInnes offers an exercise in imagination - what if we are wrong? Fast forward a year from now, what would need to happen in the world to prove our concerns or hopes, misguided or misplaced?
What if we are wrong?
In the July edition of his Citywire column, Duncan MacInnes asks what would have to happen for us to look back in a year to find the post-pandemic bull market had suffered only a blip and inflation was just transitory?
The illusion of diversification
In the April edition of his Citywire column, Duncan MacInnes addresses common diversification mistakes investors make and outlines the Ruffer approach in increasingly complex markets.
Turbulence warning
The return of inflation has jolted markets. But investing for higher inflation is not the same as investing for inflation volatility – this presents and unique and complex problem for investors.
Equities: a false sense of security
For the current generation of investors, equity markets have been remarkably happy hunting grounds. There have been crashes, bangs and wallops in recent years but, so far, central banks have ensured any pain was short-lived. As interest rates have fallen, investors have chased stocks up the page and global equity markets are now more highly valued than ever.
Many options, little choice
Investors have been wrestling with how best to defend their portfolios against financial repression (higher levels of inflation relative to lower interest rates) ever since the Financial Crisis in 2008. And now with inflation numbers hitting multi-decade highs, this search has become increasingly urgent. Here, we assess the options available to investors and look at what we’ve chosen in our inflation protection toolkit.
Worried about inflation?
The return of inflation poses a critical threat to balanced portfolios – severing the relationship between bonds and equites which has held steady for nearly half a century. And yet investors, so far, have stuck to what they know – trusting a portfolio built for the world which we are leaving.