For people based outside the UK

Our aim is to make our international clients feel very much at home with Ruffer, and so we have invested in people and partnerships that allow us to build strong relationships with clients in many countries.

There are two ways for non–UK clients to access the Ruffer approach; either by having their own segregated portfolio or invest via a pooled fund. Both overcome common obstacles to international investing, in areas including currency, language and tax reporting. As part of our discretionary service, we may give advice.

Segregated portfolios can be tailored to clients’ requirements – to incorporate investment restrictions, for example – providing complete transparency to the underlying investments.

Opening an account with us

We have a dedicated international team who manage portfolios in a range of currencies and can serve clients in a variety of languages. We are also authorised in a number of different countries in order to service international clients. Please note we are unable to offer an investment service to US residents.

In the Channel Islands, Ruffer’s investment service is offered through Ruffer (Channel Islands) Limited. Elsewhere, we can provide local accounts and cross–border tax reporting for around twenty countries, in partnership with a leading European bank.

This means we offer a tandem instead of two separate bicycles: a direct relationship with a portfolio manager in London, combined with an account that is in, or close to, the client’s home country. 

International TEAM


If you would like to know more about Ruffer’s investment approach and the services we offer to non–UK investors, please contact

Benjamin Boucher–Ferté
+44 (0)20 7963 8059

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Benjamin Boucher–Ferté

Investment Director

Graduated from ESCP Europe in 1999 and joined the Private Wealth Management group of Goldman Sachs in London after completing his National Service with Renault Financial Services. In 2004, he participated in the launch of Fulcrum Asset Management where he was a Director until 2010, when he joined Ruffer.