We come second

We aim to provide investment performance, and service, that puts the clients first

Investing is not a game. A lot is at stake.

Our successes and failures affect the lives of our clients. They are putting enormous trust in us; we see it as our duty to serve their best interests.
Among other things, this involves shouldering risk, being open about mistakes, and transparent about what can go wrong. 
Wearing the client’s shoes

Finance is dominated by products and sales; we aim to stand out with an ethos of service. For Ruffer, earning your trust would be the true test of a job well done.

Early in 2019, at the start of Ruffer’s 25th year, we had a crack at getting the essence of our service on to a single page of A4. We wrote this for people working at Ruffer. The aim was to capture and confirm what we believe about good client service. For the next 25 years – and beyond.

We are publishing this here, for two reasons. First, to give a sense of what matters to us in our service. Ruffer is a partnership – and our partners care deeply about doing the right thing for clients.

Second, so that clients can hold us to account. The one-pager here sets high standards, not vague aspirations.  If we aren’t living up to these standards, please do tell us where we are falling short.

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