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Private clients

The majority of our clients are individuals and families

At Ruffer, we manage personal portfolios, assets held in Trusts, family businesses, ISAs and pensions, including Self–Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs). 

We do this on a discretionary basis, which means clients delegate investment decision–making to us, and we may give advice as part of this service.

Becoming a client

Before taking on a new client, we always like to meet them in person in order to discuss our investment approach and the principal risks involved.

It is also important for us to understand what each client will see as satisfactory or disastrous.

These discussions help us to establish at the outset whether a Ruffer portfolio may be suitable for potential clients and their circumstances.

The majority of our clients are individuals and families Illustration

Private Client Contacts


To arrange a meeting or for a preliminary discussion, please contact us in London or Edinburgh.

Jonathan Ruffer


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