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Offering financial planners something deliberately different

Your clients like making money, and hate losing it. Most will hate losing money more than they like making it.

At Ruffer, this shapes our investment philosophy, and the way we invest.

We offer a distinctive all–weather approach, designed to perform in all market conditions. Our focus is on capital preservation and prudent growth, not chasing short–term fads or trends.

Since we began in 1994, our investment process hasn’t changed. For over 20 years, it has delivered solid returns well ahead of cash and UK equities. More importantly, it has protected our clients from market crashes, including the bursting of the bubble and the credit crisis.

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Partnering with Ruffer

We are investors, not financial planners.

Our aim is to build relationships with financial planners that allow both you and us to focus on what we do best. These relationships must be built on trust and mutual respect, for the long term.

Some financial planners appoint us as a discretionary investment manager. Others prefer to invest some or all of their clients’ assets in a Ruffer fund, providing valuable diversification, and helping control risk.

Financial planners across the UK see our multi–asset approach as an attractive alternative to volatile equity markets.


Discretionary investment management service

This is the appropriate solution for financial planners seeking to outsource the day–to–day management of their clients’ investments.  

Each client has a dedicated portfolio manager at Ruffer, who would work closely with you, as part of a personal and professional service.


Range of core funds

As a financial planner using our funds, you can have a dedicated point of contact at Ruffer, offering you hands–on support and access to our investment team.

Our flagship fund is the LF Ruffer Total Return Fund. The fund follows Ruffer’s investment philosophy and process and has been risk rated by Defaqto and Distribution Technology. It is managed by Steve Russell, Matt Smith and Alexander Chartres.

We also have three other vehicles that offer different expressions of our core approach Ruffer Total Return International (which offers shares in a variety of currencies), Ruffer Investment Company Limited (which offers shares that trade on the London Stock Exchange) and the Charity Assets Trust (a common investment fund designed to meet the specific needs of eligible UK charities).

The Green Line

Once a month we will bring you an interesting chart with a short commentary. Our aim is to illuminate the corners of the financial markets. 

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To find out more about partnering with Ruffer, please contact Toby Barklem.

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Benjamin Boucher–Ferté

Investment Director

Graduated from ESCP Europe in 1999 and joined the Private Wealth Management group of Goldman Sachs in London after completing his National Service with Renault Financial Services. In 2004, he participated in the launch of Fulcrum Asset Management where he was a Director until 2010, when he joined Ruffer.