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Income at any price
In a world of distorted interest rates and high asset prices, protecting capital and producing strong income levels may no longer be mutually compatible.
Damned if they do… damned if they don’t
June 2018: Wage inflation in the US poses a growing problem for the Fed
Quantitative tightening – what might it mean?
May 2018: Shrinking central bank balance sheets could undermine record asset prices
Why traditional safe havens might not work
April 2018: In the market sell-off this February, defensive assets failed to defend.
Investment Review
April 2018: The markets have lost their sense of invincibility, but it has not resulted in an up-quarter at Ruffer.
Japan: a forgotten market?
March 2018: Japanese shares have risen strongly, but not nearly as much as company profits.
Misplaced confidence?
February 2018: US consumer confidence is very high. Our analysis suggests this is not good news for investors in equity markets.
Investment Review
January 2018: Our investment portfolios have returned little in 2017 – but this should not be taken to mean that the portfolios are without risk.
Investment Review
October 2017: Back in the late 1980s, investment strategy seemed to revolve largely around the geographic weightings of equities.
Investment Review
July 2017: Stormy weather can be local, but the interlocking nature of Britain’s travails have wider implications and threaten to upset the investment apple-cart.
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