Ruffer Radio: Election 2020

Episode 4

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Alexander Chartres
Investment Director
Tim Smith
Senior Dealer
Rory McIvor
Senior Associate

All elections are equal. But some elections are more equal than others. 

In the latest episode of Ruffer Radio, Dr Tim Smith and Alexander Chartres discuss the 2020 race to the White House and explore why this election, in the context of a broader shift in world order, may well be the most important for a generation.


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$2 trillion spend on green initiatives 
Fossil fuel elimination
US market returns under Reagan and Carter, source: Shiller, Global Financial Data, Ruffer calculations
Biden lead on Trump
Electoral college result 2016
Bush versus Gore 2000



2020 Q3 Investment Review
October 2020: Whatever one’s outlook, there have been times in 2020 when the markets seemed to echo one’s innermost thoughts, and times when we shout out like Falstaff, that the whole world has gone mad.
A vaccine: to v or not to v
September 2020: The superforecasters of the Good Judgement Project believe there is a 93% probability we will have an FDA-approved vaccine in a year, and enough of it to inoculate 25m people in the US. This is up from just 20% in the dark days of April.
MMT on the march
The response to this economic crisis has moved away from the old monetary regime to one where fiscal policy has become more important.
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