Why Ruffer?

And as important, why not?

Before taking on a new client, we do all we can to set realistic expectations about what to expect from us.

We are keen to help people make informed decisions about whether Ruffer is, or isn’t, a good fit for them.

To us, the ‘why nots’ are as important as the ‘whys’.

Why Ruffer?
Safety first Whatever happens in the markets, we’ll stay focused on protecting your capital. 
Good track record Over 26 years our performance has been strong. We’ve made good money for clients.
Culture of service We’ll work to earn your trust, and see it as our duty to act in your best interests.

Why not?
Dull patches There may be months or years where markets race ahead, and we plod in the slow lane.
No menu We focus on delivering one philosophy well – rather than try to appeal to everyone.
We make mistakes Investing well isn’t easy. We get things wrong. At times we may lose you money.

Why now

Ruffer portfolios are always invested for both calm and stormy seas - always holding assets for growth and protection alongside each other.

We never aim to be absolutely right, because that risks us being absolutely wrong. This, intelligently implemented, will remain a defining feature of our way of investing.

We remain prepared for all weathers.

At 25% inflation, cash in a bank account is not just hung and drawn – every year, it is quartered, too.
Jonathan Ruffer, Chairman
The markets remain our master – they will do what they do, when they do it: we must do our best in that context. And that context is about to change.
Jonathan Ruffer, Chairman
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Over 26 years, the typical Ruffer portfolio has produced an average return of 9.2% a year...
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