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Ruffer Total Return International

Important information for UK investors

Ruffer SICAV is a recognised scheme within the meaning of section 264 of the Financial Services and Markets 2000 Act (‘FSMA’). For any questions relating to copies of the Prospectus, the key investor information document (‘KIID’), Articles, semi-annual and annual reports of the Company, the price of the Shares, any complaints, or any redemptions of Shares in relation to Ruffer SICAV, UK investors can contact Ruffer LLP. You will find relevant tax figures together with other information for UK tax payers in the following page, if you proceed.

Important information for non UK investors

Ruffer SICAV is a Luxembourg UCITS and subject to Luxembourg law. It is authorised by and subject to the supervisory authority in Luxembourg, the CSSF; and is a scheme recognised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority ('FCA') under FSMA. Ruffer Total Return International is not registered for distribution in any country other than Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy (qualified investors only), Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore (accredited and institutional investors only), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (qualified investors only) and the UK.

Important information for Belgium investors

Ruffer Total Return International is registered for distribution in Belgium. However, the content of the website has not been approved by the Belgium Financial Services and Markets Authority and accordingly may not be made available to Belgian retail investors. If you are a retail investor in Belgium you should not proceed and should click 'Disagree' below.

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